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Decal Fixer

Decal Fixer

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Decal Fixer from HIQParts

  • Introducing a liquid glue specifically designed to prevent silvering and whitening issues commonly associated with older decals and weakened adhesive.
  • By regularly applying this glue as a preventive measure, you can significantly reduce problems like whitening.
  • Furthermore, when working with large-format decals, this glue allows for smooth sliding, making them less prone to tearing. Its solvent-free composition makes it suitable for delicate painted surfaces and water-based paints.

[ ! ] Please note that this glue does not contain organic solvents and therefore cannot soften the decal.

[ ! ] Before use, make sure to shake the bottle well.


  • Apply a small amount of this solution to the desired area before applying the decal. After positioning the decal, use a cotton swab dampened with water to remove any excess glue.
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