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DC Lock Tweezers [Straight]

DC Lock Tweezers [Straight]

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Tweezers with a slide lock mechanism for sanding that can hold sandpaper and sponge abrasive with one touch.

With non-slip and strong tightening mechanism, the abrasive does not slip and you can work with force.

If you slide the decorative screw and nut (hereinafter referred to as the screw) for locking toward the tip, you can hold it with one touch while it is sandwiched .

Conversely, if you slide it toward the rear end, you can release the sandwiched object.
The pinching strength can be changed by tightening the screws.

If you want to tighten more strongly, adjust the screw distance narrower.

The surface of the tweezers may be scratched or dirty during processing to the extent that it does not interfere with the main functions . Please note.

Do not tighten the screws with a power tool.

If you pinch a large object that exceeds the original opening of the tweezers and tighten it more than necessary, the tweezers may be deformed.

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