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CP Rivets [2.0mm]

CP Rivets [2.0mm]

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Recessed metal parts that imitate cap bolts For

Metal Detail Parts from HIQParts

Replacing existing parts and improving details!

CP (Ceepy) rivets are a series of existing "minus mold" rivets with different head shapes

CP rivets are recessed items that imitate cap bolts

  • The small size is also recommended for use in scale models
  • Since it is a lathe-processed metal part, it does not have sink marks like resin parts
  • The details stand out even after painting, so it is recommended for those who want a sense of precision
  • Nickel plated brass
  • Make a hole with the same size as the foot diameter where you want to attach it, and glue it with clear epoxy glue
  • It can be glued even after painting, and it hides the mounting holes, so you can easily paint small details
  • When painting , please paint with model paint after painting the primer for metal


  • Material: Brass (nickel plated)
  • Outer diameter: 2.0mm
  • Height (excluding feet): 0.8mm
  • Foot: diameter 1.0mm

    [ ! ] Pieces are EXTREMELY SMALL, keep out of reach of children

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