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Cloud Camouflage Masking Sheet [Medium]

Cloud Camouflage Masking Sheet [Medium]

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Pre-cut masking sheet from HIQParts

Pre-cut masking seal for cloud camouflage painting

This product is a masking sticker for painting camouflage patterns

  • Since it is pre-cut to the required shape, you can apply camouflage paint by painting according to the procedure
  • Comes with a manual that describes the painting procedure and points to use well
  • An example of camouflage painting using commercially available paint is also introduced

3 size lineup

  • No scale specified
  • Please select according to the size of the object you want to paint , referring to the diagram or the pattern on the package card 
  • If you want to paint a large area, a large size such as L size is suitable


Sheet Size: 144 x 230mm

Quantity: 3 Pieces

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