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Aurora Blue Seal

Aurora Blue Seal

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[ ! ] The photo of the main image is pasted on black surface
[ ! ] Aurora Blue reflects blue and green when the background is black, and changes to dark blue when tilted. When black is the base, the reflectance is maximized and the color change appears greatly. If the background is other than black, the color combined with the background color will appear transparent depending on the angle.

An ultra-thin "polarizing film with glue" with selected colors and materials for models. Since the color changes depending on the viewing angle, when used as a one-point accent, it gives a sense of depth compared to the detail improvement of a single color metallic color sticker. Especially, it is the best item when expressing optical thin film, vapor deposition coated lens, head visor, etc.

Cut out with scissors or a cutter, peel off from the mount, and paste it. Pay attention to the color of the sticking surface as the color that changes depends on the color of the underlying surface. It is possible to paste up to a gentle quadric surface (not compatible with cubic curved surfaces). If you want to stick it on a wide surface, apply a small amount of water mixed with a surfactant (kitchen detergent, etc.) or a decal fixer (sold separately) on the sticking surface, stick a sticker on it, and remove air bubbles with a squeegee. Please paste. Wipe off the mixed solution well after pasting. Tweezers are essential for handling as it is very thin.

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