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All-Purpose Bending Pliers

All-Purpose Bending Pliers

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Looping, Bending, Twisting!

Very useful all-rounder!

The tip is super fine and holding object firmly, so best for looping tiny parts.

No grooves on holding section, so no worries to scratch objects.

The edge is half-rounded shape, so can loop or make edge depends on which direction you bend.

[ ! ] Caution

  • This is an uninsulated product
  • Do not use for turning on electricity products

[ ! ] Caution

  • For your safety, please wear safety glasses
  • Do not use for bending and squashing with too much force
  • Please check the safety of your surroundings and that no fragile items are around before use
  • Do not pry with the tip
  • Please keep children out of reach


  • Material: Carbon steel for machine structure (Kobe Steel, Ltd.)
  • Length: 125mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Spring structure: Coil spring
  • Hardness of the edge: HRC 42-50
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