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Shimomura ALEC

AL-K55 Shineblade [6mm]

AL-K55 Shineblade [6mm]

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[ ! ] Original product description below was machine translated from Japanese. Please allow room for error.

To Shine blade that is gotten very popular, and add a narrow model to meet the requests!

  • CNC special model made full use of (computer numerical control) milling and craftsmanship.
  • Quite unlike the structure of the type that causes the eye of the type in the conventional chisel, to build a serrated by cutting a groove in CNC milling.
  • The surface we were able to obtain a very sophisticated and good sharpness.
  • In accordance with the object and location and provide a comfortable cutting operation.
  • The eye for eye bottom round clogging difficult structure
  • Surface # 400 equivalent multiple eyes, back to the work efficiency in the # 1000 equivalent of the single eye UP!
  • Washable so strong stainless steel to rust
  • Blade width 6mm x total length 150mm x t2
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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas R.
The shineblade, on a diet!

I love the shineblade. I'll make that clear. But it's 11mm wide, so there's a lot of spots it just doesn't reach. For those positions, I used to use scrapers, which sometimes led to uneven surfaces, so I'm quite happy with this smaller size of Shineblade!