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Shimomura ALEC

AL-K29 Wooden Runner Stand

AL-K29 Wooden Runner Stand

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Runner stand made of wood

For organizing runners while building model kits, maintaining a clean and sorted tabletop

Looking for runners was cumbersome, this is the one shot solution!

Since the wood will be released from the clutter of the runner up to now without damaging the parts kind.

Angle can be neatly stored regardless of the size so is with a small runner to great runner.

To find the necessary parts from the runner taken out from the bag one by one troublesome thing. Caught or to puzzle ring state. Irritability also recruited.

Effortlessly looking for parts if we lined up in order to use this kind of time runner stand!

Also, what good will as it can also dry if you put in the runner stand even if you paint leaving the small parts on runner.

You can put away a little gap folded when not in use because the small hinge is attached.

  • Size: W250 × D160 × H82
  • Finish: clear natural paint finish 
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