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Shimomura ALEC

AL-K119 R Boko 2 [Precision Chamfering Tool]

AL-K119 R Boko 2 [Precision Chamfering Tool]

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For smoothing round surfaces and removing mold lines on round surfaces


A saw craftworker uses 0.4 mm thick steel (glasses) and each one of the R concave portions is provided with fine blades of 10 microns one by one. Real, the thickness will be about 0.38 mm. (※ 10 microns is 1 / 100th of a millimeter)

Eleven kinds of R concave surfaces are processed, it is possible to choose machining of the R face that matches the object, smooth chamfering of fine corners can be done exactly craftsmanship!


  • Material: High carbon special cutlery steel
  • Body thickness: about 0.38 mm
  • Size: one side (approx): 60 x 60 x 60
  • Surface treatment: 3.0 micron nickel plating
  • Earl recessed blade attachment: saw craftsman technique
  • Blade: 0.01 mm on each side
  • Application: Cutting of resin
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