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Shimomura ALEC

AL-K04 Hyper Cut Saw 0.1 Pro-M

AL-K04 Hyper Cut Saw 0.1 Pro-M

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Shimomura ALEC Ultra Precision Hyper Cut Saw

Apologies for the wait! Introducing the latest sensation in the blockbuster lineup, the [Hyper cut] series, renowned for its unmatched sharpness and flawlessly beautiful cut surface.

  • Responding to the 4th wave of requests, we proudly present the metal-compatible type!
  • Now, cutting through light metals like aluminum and brass is a breeze with the Hyper-cut series. The ultra-precise blade pitch measures a mere 0.4mm.
  • Despite its metal-cutting prowess, it maintains a slender profile at just 0.1mm thickness—a blade so thin it defines the epitome of precision cutting.
  • The Hyper-cut series stands tall with exceptional durability and convenience!
  • Collect the entire series for an enhanced model life experience and revel in the pleasure it brings!


  • Boasting an ultra-thin blade thickness of only 0.1mm, it sets the standard with a blade pitch of 0.4mm, unmatched by any other with advanced technology!
  • Now capable of fine cutting and handling light metals like never before!
  • Achieves the ultimate cut width of 0.1mm with a specially crafted blade!
  • With a narrow interval of only 0.4mm, it delivers a beautifully cut surface with its ultra-small blade.
  • Total length: 190mm
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