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Accent Decal A [Foil Holo Silver]

Accent Decal A [Foil Holo Silver]

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Water Transfer Decals from HIQParts

Deliberately eliminating small text, this is a caution decal specifically designed for small-scale models.

  • It's tailored for accent purposes.
  • While serving the same purpose as caution decals, it's limited to accent marks only.
  • With no text, it maintains scale consistency from small to large models and can be used as an accent mark.
  • The first theme is the "circle," offering alternatives for small caution marks and slim circular designs that fit joints and other round parts.
  • The silk screen printing method ensures vibrant colors even on dark surfaces.
  • Both in color and pattern, it's an ideal decal series for accentuating details.

[ ! ] It can be used in combination with the separately sold "RB Caution Decal Series," but due to different printing methods, the accent decals are less affected by the base color, resulting in a more vibrant color tendency.

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