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Plastic Model Nippers [Ultra-Thin Single-Edged Straight] [TT43]

Plastic Model Nippers [Ultra-Thin Single-Edged Straight] [TT43]

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Plastic Model Kit Nipper from Hasegawa

A revolution in gate cutting, a finish that looks like it has been scraped off.

New proposal for nippers for plastic models "Ultra-thin single-edged straight"

By adopting an ultra-thin single-edged blade that is as straight as possible, you can achieve a gate cut that feels like a utility knife by touching the blade to the part .

" Exclusive gate cutting" nippers for plastic parts boasting outstanding sharpness with a "1mm blade thickness"

Considering the "arc movement" of the crimped part that repeatedly grips and releases the
grip, the blade and grip are finished in a well-balanced shape so that you can cut with the optimum amount of force.


  • Blade thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Material: Carbon steel (S55C original blend)
  • Blade hardness: HRC54 - 60°
  • Total length: Approx. 125 mm
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