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PG OO Raiser

PG OO Raiser

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1/60 Scale Bandai Perfect Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: November 26th, 2009

Double O Raiser is now available from PG (Perfect Grade), the pinnacle of Gunpla.

  • The GN Drive is pre-assembled, and the attached GN Drive on both shoulders lights up while the flywheel inside it rotates.
  • His newly designed clutch mechanism is built into the GN capacitors (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, 8 locations), allowing his arms to firmly hold large weapons without lowering.
  • Completely recreated the details of the internal skeleton with a new interpretation.
  • The movement of his action poses is greatly improved by the vertical swing mechanism of his legs.
  • Four types of weapons are included as new additional weapons for O Raiser.
  • Various weapons are fully equipped


  • Molded product x 58
  • foil sticker x 1
  • Tetoron sticker x 1
  • Gundam decal x 1
  • hologram sheet x 1
  • assembly manual x 1
  • GN drive (assembled, sample battery included) x 2
  • Head LED x 1
  • head sample battery (LR41) x 2

Original Japanese Descriptions:


GNドライヴは組立済みで付属する 両肩のGNドライヴは内部でフライホ イールが回転しながら点灯する。

GNコンデンサー(肩・肘・手首・ ヒザ全身8ヶ所)に新設計の クラッチ機構を内蔵し、大型の武器も 腕が下がらずガッチリと保持。

新解釈を加えた内部骨格のディテール を完全再。

脚部上下スイング機構により アクションポーズの可動性が大幅に向上。

オーライザーの新たな追加武装 として4種類の武器類が付属。


  • 成型品×58
  • ホイルシール×1
  • テトロンシール×1
  • ガンダムデカール×1
  • ホログラムシート×1
  • 組立説明書×1
  • GNドライブ(組み立て済・サンプル電池付属)×2
  • 頭部用LED×1
  • 頭部用サンプル電池(LR41)×2
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    Customer Reviews

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    Brandon D.
    Great fun kit

    I bought this and a few others for my wife and I to enjoy during our time off from work. It was greatly convenient for pick up and having the kit available for me to get easily.