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Good Smile Racing

Ultra-Thin Diagonal Pliers [MSS-41]

Ultra-Thin Diagonal Pliers [MSS-41]

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Ultra-Thin-Blade Nipper from the Goodsmile Company (Good Smile Racing)

MSS-41 Takumi Tools

  • Ultra-Thin Diagonal PliersSeries
  • GSR Modeler Support Series Manufacturer
  • Release Date September 2018


  • Diagonal pliers made for cutting plastic models parts
  • Made in Japan
  • 120mm in length
  • Materials: High carbon steel S58C
  • Hardness: Body 40 ~ 45 HRC; Blade 54 ~ 60 HRC
  • Handle - Elastomer Resin
  • Spring - Plastic

A sharp, thin blade for the smoothest cut ever!

A new set of tools called 'Takumi Tools' are joining the GSR Modeler Support Series. One of the first tools to join the series is a pair of ultra-thin diagonal pliers designed to cut out the parts of plastic models in the smoothest, easiest way possible.

The blade is thin yet sharp allowing for quick and easy cutting. The grip is made of elastomer resin to make sure you don't slip off your mark and the spring in the center is made from high quality plastic to ensure great durability that will last for many years to come. A spare spring with a different strength is also included.

What are the Takumi Tools?

The Takumi Tool Series was created through the experience and ideas of professional modelers, giving high-quality tools to help modelers get the most out of their work. All the problems found in the tools of the past have been corrected, leaving easy-to-use tools that still perform exactly how you expect them to. The Japanese word 'Takumi' means 'Craftsman', and the Takumi tools can help any modeler turn their work into that of a true craftsman - whether you are an expert in the field or an absolute beginner - these tools are designed to be the very best for anyone!

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