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MG The-O

MG The-O

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1/100 Scale Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: August 7th, 2010

A large MS The-O that Sirocco controls in "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam" appears in MG. 

  • Completely reproduce the hidden arm gimmick. Secure the movable range including the movable fingertips and the base of the apron. 
  • Expresses the appearance of a heavy mobile suit with a sense of density, leg reproduction with a sense of bones, and double armor. 
  • Detailed expressions are also applied to the back of the armor, and details are pursued throughout the body, such as the neck and seat. 
  • Dedicated stickers are included for panel decoration. 
  • Store the beam saber in the side armor. 
  • Molded product x 22, foil sticker x 1, marking sticker x 1, Gundam decal x 1, panel sticker x 1, assembly manual

Original Japanese Description:


  • 隠し腕ギミックを完全再現。指先の可動、エプロン基部を含め可動範囲を確保。
  • 密度感、骨太感のある脚部再現、装甲の二重化などで重モビルスーツらしさを表現。
  • 装甲裏面にも細部表現を施し、首、座面など全身にわたってディティールを追及。
  • パネルデコレーション用に専用ステッカーが付属。
  • サイドアーマーにビームサーベルを格納。
  • 成形品×22、ホイルシール×1、マーキングシール×1、ガンダムデカール×1、パネルステッカー×1、組立説明書
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