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MG Strike Rouge & Ootori Unit [Ver. RM]

MG Strike Rouge & Ootori Unit [Ver. RM]

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1/100 Scale Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: September 28th, 2013

Strike Rouge becomes Ver.RM and becomes MG.

  • Reproduce the proportions and range of motion unique to Ver.RM.
  • The striker pack is equipped with the newly set "Ootori" by Kunio Okawara. Equipped with various gimmicks as an integrated weapon striker.
  • The wing of "Ootori" develops in an X shape. As an MG original gimmick, the tail can also be folded.
  • "Ootori" can be combined with the launcher pack and sword pack that come with the MG Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam (sold separately), and the Yale Strike Pack that comes with the MG Aile Strike Gundam Ver.RM.
  • Comes with a special pedestal that can reproduce action poses in the air.
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