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MG EX Impulse

MG EX Impulse

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: September 2022

"Gundam Build Divers" Official Gaiden

"Gundam Build Divers Genius Head Line"

From "Gundam Build Divers Genius Head Line",

Manfred von Sakazaki's gunpla, "Gundam Eximpulse", the leader of the "Blue Brigade", a force specializing in air combat, has been commercialized in the MG series.

Design and Customization:

  • Combines detailed and bold design elements while inheriting Impulse Gundam features.
  • Customized aircraft shape using new modeling parts.
  • Enhanced details in head, shoulders, arms, waist, and legs.
  • Color-coded molding for a distinctive white and gray appearance.

Unique "Ex Silhouette" Gimmick:

  • Introduces the original "Ex silhouette" for acrobatic maneuvers with new parts.
  • Features a variable wing gimmick, enabling two different flight modes.
  • Includes Ex silhouette on the attached silhouette flyer, allowing for versatile display options.

Advanced Armament:

  • Equipped with an original beam rifle designed for air battles.
  • Sophisticated detail parts with an attachable beam blade.Option to mount the beam rifle on the waist
  • Water transfer decals with original designs for added detailing.

Additional Decals:

  • Comes with extra decals, including the "Blue Brigade" emblem and "A (Ace)" title.


  • Ex silhouette
  • Beam rifle
  • Beam saber
  • Shield
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