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HG Gundam GP01 [Zephyranthes]

HG Gundam GP01 [Zephyranthes]

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1/144 Scale Bandai Model Kit

Release Date: August 2000

Appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083", it is a model of the main machine developed as a successor to the RX-78 Gundam, which was a remarkable success in the One Year War

  • The fuselage design incorporates the setting of horizontally built-in and fixed Core Fighter II, which makes the GP01 stand out. Comes with a display model of Core Fighter II
  • Weapons include beam rifle, 90mm machine gun, beam saber and shield

Original Japanese Description:


  • コア・ファイター IIを水平内蔵・固定するという設定を取りこんだ胴体デザインなどでGP01の特徴を際立たせる作りになっています
  • コア・ファイターIIのディスプレイモデルが付いています
  • 武器はビーム・ライフル、90mmマシンガン、ビーム・サーベルとシールドが付いています
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