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HG GM [Slegger Law Custom]

HG GM [Slegger Law Custom]

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Model Kit

Release Date: January 2023

From the movie "Mobile Suit Gundam Cucuruz Doan's Island", the RGM-79 GM piloted by Lieutenant Slegger Low deployed on the white base is commercialized with completely new modeling

  • Impressive personal color is reproduced with molding color. Comes with new weapons such as beam spray gun (early model) and shield. An original design water transfer decal is included

Earth Federation Forces mass-produced main MS, reproduced with completely new modeling

  • A mass-produced main MS GM developed based on the data of the RX-78-02 Gundam
  • The details such as the chest, shoulders, and leg shapes are reproduced in detail. Faithfully reproduces the impressive personal color of Lieutenant Slegger Low by color-coding by dividing parts
  • The characteristic head uses blue clear parts for the main camera. Detailed representation of the details of the internal sensor
  • In addition to faithfully reproducing the shape of each part's armor and thrusters, the parts are divided according to the panel line. Realize color coding to details such as ankle guards
  • Produce dynamic poses with high mobility with the latest HG format
  • Comes with new armed beam spray gun (early model) and shield
  • GM's beam spray gun (early model) and shield are included with new modeling
  • Optional parts that expand the range of poses such as beam rifles, weapon holding hands, and open hands are also included
  • Original design water transfer decal
  • A water transfer type decal containing a personal mark and caution mark indicating the Slegger machine is included
  • Attached armed: beam spray gun (early model) / beam rifle / shield / beam saber

Original Japanese Description:

映画『機動戦士ガンダム ククルス・ドアンの島』より、ホワイトベースに配備されたスレッガー・ロウ中尉が搭乗するRGM-79 ジムを完全新規造形で商品化

  • 印象的なパーソナルカラーを成形色で再現。ビーム・スプレーガン(前期型)やシールド等の新規武装が付属。オリジナルデザインの水転写式デカールが同梱
  • 地球連邦軍量産型主力MS、完全新規造形で再現



  • 特徴的な頭部はメインカメラにブルーのクリアパーツを採用。内部センサーのディテールまで細やかに表現
  • 各部装甲やスラスターの形状を忠実に再現したほか、パネルラインに合わせたパーツ分割構造。アンクルガードなど細部まで色分けを実現
  • 最新のHGフォーマットによる高い可動性能で、躍動感あるポージングを演出
  • 新規武装ビーム・スプレーガン(前期型)やシールドが付属
  • ジムが装備するビーム・スプレーガン(前期型)やシールドが新規造形で付属
  • ビーム・ライフルや武器持ち手、平手などポージングの幅を広げるオプションパーツもセット
  • オリジナルデザインの水転写式デカール
  • スレッガー機を示すパーソナルマークやコーションマークを収録した水転写式デカールが付属
  • 付属武装: ビーム・スプレーガン(前期型) / ビーム・ライフル / シールド / ビーム・サーベル

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