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Full Mechanics Gundam Aerial

Full Mechanics Gundam Aerial

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1/100 Scale Bandai Full Mechanics Model Kit

Release Date: March 2023

From the latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury", Gundam Aerial is commercialized in the 1/100 scale standard series "FULL MECHANICS"!

  • The 1/100 scale of the main body creates a sense of layered structure that can only be reproduced
  • The shell unit, which was not recreated in HG, produces a light-emitting expression with three-dimensional uneven mechanical modeling and plated parts. The layer structure with the clear exterior realizes a gorgeous parts configuration
  • We adopt slide mechanism to leg. The knee and thigh parts can be moved to follow the movement of the standing knee. The toe parts also have a split structure to reproduce a natural ground contact
  • The shield can be divided into 11 blocks and deployed as Gambit. It can be connected to various parts of the aircraft, and has a structure as a plastic model original gimmick
  • By using the separately sold Witch of Mercury Weapon Display Base, you can recreate the display with Gambit deployed


  • Hand parts x 1
  • Beam saber x 2
  • Beam rifle x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Effect parts for beam rifle x 1
  • Joint parts x 1
  • Seal x 1

Original Japanese Description:

ガンダムシリーズ最新作『機動戦士ガンダム 水星の魔女』より、ガンダム・エアリアルが1/100スケールのスタンダードシリーズ、「FULL MECHANICS」で商品化!

  • 本体には1/100スケールだからこそ再現できたレイヤー構造の密度感を演出
  • HGでは再現されなかったシェルユニットの作り込みは、立体的な凹凸でメカニカルな造形とメッキパーツにより発光表現を演出。クリア外装とのレイヤー構造できらびやかなパーツ構成を実現
  • 脚部にはスライド機構を採用。立て膝の動きに連動するようにヒザ、モモのパーツの追従可動を実現。つま先のパーツも分割構造により自然な接地を再現
  • シールドは11ブロックに分割し、ガンビットとして展開可能。機体各所にも接続でき、プラモデルオリジナルギミックとしての構造も有している
  • 別売りの「水星の魔女 ウェポンディスプレイベース」を使用することでガンビット展開状態でのディスプレイも再現可能


  • ハンドパーツ×1式
  • ビームサーベル×2
  • ビームライフル×1
  • シールド×1
  • ビームライフル用エフェクトパーツ×1
  • ジョイントパーツ×1式
  • シール×1
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Great kit

    I'm fairly new to gunpla. I've built about half a dozen HGs and a couple MGs. So I'm no expert. But this was a great kit.

    I found it pretty easy to build. This is a newer kit so there is English in the instructions. If you can build a MG, this should be a cakewalk. I don't even think it would be much of a hard time if you have only built a few HGs

    There's no inner frame like a MG, but it is well detailed. It even has a few gimmicks parts that move when the knee bends. No ugly seams or gaps. Looks great and with some panel lining, you can make it look even better.

    Articulation is great. You can pull of pretty much any normal pose with ease.

    Accessories are what you'd expect. It comes with Aerial's beam rife, a couple beam sabers and all the gun bits that can be made into the shield ot attached to the kits body like in the anime. There are hands in your standard configuration. iThe sticker sheet is pretty extensive so you can add even more detail.

    Like I said in the beginning, I'm no expert, but I really like this kit. Nearly as good as the MGs I've built and it looks great. If you are a fan of Witch from Mercury or just like Aerial's design, this would be a great addition to your collection.

    Epic Win!

    For a FM line, this is pretty epic! Hope they continue it!


    Very awesome kit i suggest getting the stand for it and the led set and a resin.

    Surprisingly complex and fun!

    Its like a mini master grade super cool!