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[Pokemon Plamo 43] Charizard & Dragonite

[Pokemon Plamo 43] Charizard & Dragonite

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Pokemon Plastic Model Kit from Bandai

Release Date: July 23rd, 2020

"Charizard" and "Kairyu" appear with new modeling and foil stickers that make it easier to make!

  • Renewal of Charizard's head and hands with new molding. The handle is sealless
  • Easiness of pasting improves by foil seal adoption!
  • Let's reproduce the battle scene with two sets!


  • Foil sticker x 1

        Original Japanese Description:


        • リザードンの頭部と握り手を新規造形でリニューアル。握り手はシールレスを実現
        • ホイルシール採用で貼りやすさUP!
        • 2体セットでバトルシーンを再現しよう!


        • ホイルシール×1
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