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Angle Cutting Station

Angle Cutting Station

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Cutter from DSPIAE

Introducing a cutting tool designed specifically for cutting plastic materials, including plaplates and other building materials.

  • This tool boasts a new and improved structural design, offering higher precision and easy operation.
  • Featuring an extra-large working area measuring 158 by 158mm, along with a 180-degree stepless adjustment, it caters to a wide range of cutting demands.
  • The internally fitted stainless steel roller balls ensure smooth rotation, while the angle guidance block on both sides, coupled with clearly engraved scale readings, guarantees precise cutting results.

Efficiency has been significantly improved with this tool.

  • Once the parameters are set, you can repeatedly cut with exceptional precision and high efficiency, eliminating the need for additional auxiliary tools.
  • The precision angle cutting station can handle parts ranging from 3 to 49mm.
  • In experiments, it has demonstrated an average speed of completing 8 pieces within 30 seconds, which is twice as fast as traditional cutting methods.
  • Moreover, this tool allows you to cut at any desired angle. Simply turn the guiding block to align the pointer with the required angle, tighten the knob, and you're ready to go.

It offers a simple setup process and delivers effective results.

  • To enhance user experience, the tool is equipped with an ergonomic handle.
  • The wavy shape of the handle ensures a comfortable grip and facilitates excellent torque transmission.
  • Additionally, the handle damping adjustment can be finely tuned using the bolt shaft, allowing for personalized comfort.


    • Angle Cutting Station × 1
    • Silicon Anti-Slip Pad × 1
    • Spanner × 1
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    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing Angle Cutter

    This angle cutter is pretty awesome and absolutely worth the money. It's a sturdy metal construction that has no give to it and doesn't move on the surface. The best part too is it matches perfectly with the angle sander so you can get those perfect angles you want. I was profitably using a knife to cut the pla plating but this flsaves so much time and has absolutely perfect precision.