Website Update is getting a facelift. 

Effective May 26th 2022, we've reorganized our website hoping that this will bring our customers a smoother browsing experience on both desktop and mobile. Main changes to the website are as follow: 

  • Header menu now houses all the detailed categories of product you'd want to look for
  • Collection page now allows for filter by stock status
  • Legacy "Buttons" now reduced to 5 larger categories
  • Added 4 sections:
    • New Releases: This will show all new items that have been released recently
    • Restock: This will show all recent restocks excluding new releases
    • Preorders: List of all preorders
    • Hall of fame: List of items that I rate highly

Our website update is still in progress. If you notice anything unusual or are having issues browsing, please reach out to us at

We hope you liked this updated look. Let us know what you think. 




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