Storefront Update [Jun 2023]

We've added minor feature improvements to our storefront and have added a sales section.

1. Font Change: To make our website more readable for customers, we've decided to abandon our old font and have adopted a new font. Although we love the aesthetics of the old fonts, we believe this change is best for the website going forward. A moment of silence for the old font please.


 2. Inventory Level: Within each product page now displays an inventory level identifier. This gives the customers a good idea of the inventory level and helps with FOMO. 


3. Sales Section: Some customers may be aware of the mix-and-match discount code previously available for waterslide decals. We've expanded our discount offering through price-drops and bundles. The two new types of discount offerings can be found underneath the promotions section of the menu and are updated periodically.

On PC:


On Mobile:




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