One Year Anniversary Sale

It's been almost a year since ShokuninGunpla went online in 2020.To thank everyone for the continued support, we're having our first anniversary sale from July 10th to July 31st. The sale consists of three simultaneous events so please read them carefully.

1. Storewide sale 10% off

  • No coupon required and discounts are automatically applied upon checkout for eligible items in your cart.
  • Does not apply to Preorders, Resin Conversion kits and SAB Chisels.

2. Find the Koi

  • Throughout the event, random Koinobori labels will appear on products implying additional discounts
  • These discounts are in the form of reduced base price, hence it'll work with the storewide automatic discount. (i.e if the koi label represents 3% off on a product that was originally $100, the total discount on that particular product will be (1- 0.9*0.97) = 0.127or 12.7%)
  • These Koinobori labels may appear on products that are excluded from the storewide automatic discount
  •  Green 3%
  •  Blue 6%
  •  Pink 9%
  •   Rainbow 15%

3. Daily Lucky Draw

  • [ ! ] UPDATED AUG-10-2021: All lucky draw winners have been sent their store credits in the form of gift cards. Gift cards should not be shared/traded with others and all orders need to be placed using the account that originally placed the winning order. Any breach of the terms above will result in the store credit being voided immediately.
  • For each day until the 31st, one random order will be drawn from all the orders placed on that day to receive 10% of the order value of that particular order as store credit. 
  • Store credit will be issued after July 31st
  • Winning order numbers will be recorded daily in this blog post 
Date Winning Order Number Name
July 10th #SG1565 Jon***** *******tte
July 11th #SG1580 T** ****is
July 12th #SG1585 K**** ****g
July 13th #SG1586 M*** ** ***n
July 14th #SG1593 J***** ****e
July 15th #SG1599 J**** ***g
July 16th #SG1602 P**** *****n
July 17th #SG1607 H******** **i
July 18th #SG1608 A******** ****s
July 19th #SG1609 J***** ****h
July 20th #SG1616 D**** *****d
July 21st #SG1624 D**** *o
July 22nd #SG1631 S**** *****w
July 23rd #SG1636 N******* *****e
July 24th #SG1645 K**** ****g
July 25th #SG1648 K** **u
July 26th #SG1651 W****** ****h
July 27th #SG1656 J****** ****g
July 28th #SG1663 A** ****h
July 29th #SG1665 J** ****n
July 30th #SG1672 K**** ****g
July 31st #SG1682 K**** ***i
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