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Splinter Camouflage Masking Sheet

Splinter Camouflage Masking Sheet

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Precut Splinter Camouflage Masking Sheets from HIQParts

This product is a set of masking materials for easy painting of Splinter camouflage

The masking sheet (adhesive processed) is die-cut, and consists of a variety of splinter (fragment)-shaped masking stickers

A total of four sheets are cut into stickers of two sizes, S and M.

  • for small parts (about 1.5 cm square), use the S size sheet, and for large parts (about 3 cm square), use the M size sheet
  • The enclosed instruction manual introduces an example of commercially available paint that can be combined with the color of the "bottle" without mixing

[ ! ] Demo from HIQParts using the Kotobukiya Baselard 

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