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HG Gundam Mk-III

HG Gundam Mk-III

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai High Grade Gundam Model Kit

Each part of the whole body that is characteristic is reproduced by new modeling, and the impressive body color is expressed by molding color. Comes with a wealth of weapons such as a dedicated shield.

  • Thorough reproduction of the Gundam Mk-III's body shape with new modeling.
  • The characteristic head, chest, shoulders, legs, backpack, etc., the body shape that makes up the Gundam Mk-III with new modeling parts Reproduction.
  • Head A new reproduction of the head, which is characterized by a sharp shape.
  • Reproduce the characteristic chest torso, shoulders, and leg armor. The shape around the cockpit and details such as the exhaust duct are reproduced in detail, and the red exterior on the side of the shoulders and legs is reproduced in different colors for each part.
  • Reproduce the backpack equipped with two backpack beam cannons. The cannon cannon can be adjusted up and down. The impressive binder can be moved up and down and flexibly by the rotation axis of the base.
  • Comes with a wealth of weapons such as beam rifles and special shields! Reproduce the impressive exclusive shield with new modeling. Beam saber can be attached / detached and reserve energy pack can be attached. 
  • In addition, two types of beam rifles and large beam saber effects are included. Beam Saber (Beam Cannon) The barrel of the double beam cannon can be removed to reproduce a large beam saber!
  • Dedicated grip parts are attached on the left and right. The characteristic shield equipped by the dedicated shield Gundam Mk-III is newly reproduced.
  • The beam saber attached to the shield is removable. An energy pack can be attached to the back of the shield.
  • Attached armament: Beam rifle (2 types) / Beam saber (Beam cannon) / Shield / Beam saber
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