Shipping Rate Increase [June 2022]

Dear customers,

Due to the surge in shipping costs, we have no choice but to slightly increase our shipping rates across the entire country and to the U.S. This surge in shipping costs has been around for months and we initially thought it would be transitory and thus kept our rates unchanged, but unfortunately it looks like the higher shipping costs are here to stay.

In response to these higher rates, we are increase our flat rate shipping across the country by roughly $3 CAD. The most notable change relates to Ontario, where we used to offer $10 flat rate (As an increasing number of customers are purchasing small ticket items, this flat rate is no longer viable as we often result in a loss by offering a $10 flat rate). The new rates are copied below and can also be found in our shipping policy page.

We try our best to offer affordable shipping for our customers, we hope that once thing settles down (fingers crossed that it will), we will make the corresponding changes back to our previous shipping rates. 

Domestic Shipping


  • $0 < order value <$70 : $15 flat rate

  • $70 < order value <$350 : $12 flat rate

  • $350 < order value : free

Rest of Canada

  • $0 < order value <$170 : $18 flat rate

  • $170 < order value < $350 : $13 flat rate

  • $350 < order value : Free

Shipping to the U.S.

  • $30 Flat rate shipping

Free shipping on orders over $350 within Canada




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